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As a TracFone Master Agent, Cellucom works with small business owners like yourself to provide the product, marketing support, and training needed to begin selling prepaid wireless plans, phones, and wireless accessories in your retail store, or chain of stores. 

Cellucom Group is the industry-leading Master Agent for TracFone Wireless.  TracFone is a long-time leader in prepaid wireless products, offering the most variety of price points and product value to customers. Cellucom enjoys TracFone Master Agent status and it is our job to provide extraordinary customer service. In fact, Cellucom Group has been a Master Agent for over 20 years and currently spanning 30 registered states of service. (Scroll down to see our coverage map!) We know how to work with you, train you in the systems and processes to make activations, and help you personally by providing you with your own Territory Manager - a real person who will check in on you, and help explain new changes, KPIs, and promotions. At Cellucom, our field team is what sets us apart from other Master Agents and is our #1 point of pride. We like to say that our people are positioned for your success.

If you are a store owner, franchisee, or in business development for a chain of stores, we can BECOME YOUR PARTNER in prepaid wireless products - a reliably profitable product line that also drives foot traffic and incremental purchases to your stores. Please read on to find out more about us and how we can get in touch with you today!    



Why Sell TracFone Prepaid Wireless?

When asking yourself if you should become a prepaid wireless dealer, you have many options in the marketplace. You should consider what advantages each wireless brand offers your customers.

These advantages can be the network they run on, the price points of plans, the amount of data included in each plan, and the awareness of the brand itself. This is where the TracFone family of brands outshines the competition offering prepaid wireless services. 

TracFone offers over 6 different brands that run on ALL major network carriers, and offers a total spectrum of price points and products. This makes it an easy choice for store owners like you looking to add prepaid wireless services to your revenue model.

No other single brand can offer your customers the variety and ability to choose the exact brand and plan that works for them. PLUS with all carrier networks being represented, customers can always be eligible to bring their own phone! Of course you can sell them new or refurbished phones you can order at great wholesale prices from Cellucom. We deal in A-Stock merchandise and always work to get you the best value for your money so YOU can make the best margins possible on equipment sales.

Prepaid wireless customers in the store choosing a phone

You and your business are our #1 priority!

Would You Like to Learn More About Becoming A TracFone Retailer?

Check out our DEALER BENEFITS page for even more information and begin to visualize yourself becoming a TracFone retailer and begin making more money in your store – no matter what kind of store you own – if you have the foot traffic and prime customers, you can easily add TracFone's great brands and maximize your income potential. Our dealers will tell you, selling TracFone products is an easy boost to them and their existing store revenue. 

Do you have questions and want to know more? Fill out the short form here and one of our Product Support staff will contact you, answer any questions you have, and quickly help get you on a path to becoming a TracFone retailer.

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Why Work With TracFone AND Cellucom

Make More Money

TracFone pays out more than any other wireless brand. It’s that simple. The average competitor brand payout is only 88% of plan value. TracFone brands payout is almost always 150% - sometimes even more! PLUS, there is additional money to be made in airtime residuals and top-up payments. Each time a customer comes in to pay for additional airtime, you make a profit. You even make money when they go somewhere else to “top-up” their airtime, if you activated their device. There are virtually no limits to the amount of income you can make if you have the customer base to support these kinds of purchases.

Dedicated support and training

Dedicated Support & Training

Cellucom will walk you through every aspect of training. In fact we have a full department of support professionals to do that with you. Details like how to do activations and use the TSP portal, to advice on what products will be movers for you and your customers.We can help provide bold signage in your windows to advertise to your customers that you are a certified TracFone dealer. Our field service reps are amazing – they understand your business, your customer, and your daily challenges. This is really where Cellucom shines! We do more than simply ship you product.  We become your partner.  Cellucom provides multi-lingual support in Spanish, Arabic and Urdu/Hindi. 

All 4 major networds

All Major Networks

This is what makes TracFone an easy choice. With brands spanning over all top carrier networks, you can be comfortable knowing that you have the ability to offer your customer anything they could ask for. Need a plan that will work with a customer’s network locked phone? Not a problem – just sell them into the plan that utilizes that network. Each brand has several price points and talk, text and data usage varieties that will be a good fit for literally every customer that walks in. You CANNOT lose a sale because you can’t give your customer what they want and need – you already have it!

Dealer loyalty program

Dealer Loyalty Program

Sell more. Get rewarded MORE. It’s that simple. TracFone wants to recognize their top dealers who sell their brands and keep their customers longer by providing a great customer experience. We want to inspire dealers to achieve top tier levels by rewarding dealers with benefits that promote their businesses and drive more sales. Rewards include FREE dealer lines, merchandising giveaways, and more!

Referral program

Referral Program

Cellucom rewards you when you refer another dealer opportunity to us! It’s easy to do and it’s easy to get the credit you deserve. $50 when you refer another store owner that applies and gets approved to become the next TracFone Prepaid Wireless Dealer location. You can use this account credit in our Cellucomgroup.com store for any equipment or even some of our exclusive top-of-the-line accessories brand, Baseus.

Sign-up bonus with a free branded handset

Sign-Up Bonus

Get a free welcome kit (retail value up to $70) when you sign up. Just get TracFone approved, place your first order ($15 minimum), and you’ll receive our welcome kit that includes: Cellucom and TracFone swag (promotional items), cellphone accessories, PLUS a FREE branded handset! We want you to have this free phone so you can activate it and walk through your first “sale” to you! Imagine you’ll be making money on your very first activation!

Our Partners in Finance and Inventory

Everything you need to smoothly run your business and have the tools, resources, and financing to stay operational – Cellucom brings to you by way of trusted and proven partnerships.

We partner with the industry's best companies to bring you the highest quality of service. Whether you already have a TSP ID, or need to set up a new account, we will help you set up a payment system that is right for you.

Learn more about our financial partners >>

Looking for Merchandise?

Cellucom offers great wholesale pricing to our dealers along with display and marketing support. We hunt down and find competitive pricing on unlocked handsets and we have the power behind us to be able to pass on that pricing to you. 

Unique Accessories and Unlocked Phones – From 4 Warehouses Across the USA


Enjoy Fast Shipping From One of Our 4 Regional Warehouses


4340 Lyman Dr.
Columbus, OH 43026



7301 NW 36th St. 
Miami, FL 33166 


5745 Buford Hwy NE, Ste 100A 
Doraville, GA 30340 


6855 Harwin Dr., Suite S  
Houston, TX 77036 

All offices are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time.

*Same-day shipping refers to orders placed on business days before 3 p.m. EST.   

Cellucom is the designated TracFone Master Agent in 30 US states. We can offer full Master Agent services for these areas. We can offer services to Chain Stores over all 50 US States. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you in your specific location.  

Would you like to learn more?

Would you like to learn more? View our Brochure!

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